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New applications on the iPhone GroupClip capture video from multiple angles across multiple phones

There are many and interesting useful applications that can take advantage of them on one way or another, one of the applications that have emerged on the scene recently is the application GroupClip and available for free on the iPhone, where the idea of the application to take shape in the pickup and one video from multiple angles through a video camera phones friends, and thus which was the type of phone and any accompanying the camera phone is actually the power of video is captured from one corner, but the application of the new GroupClip will allow you to take video from multiple angles thanks to the beautiful idea

for his part, also it supports the application 5 cameras max, and is synchronized what has been captured in real time Sahabia, and in the absence of a network connection will be automatically sync when you connect your phone Internet network, or the use of data packets over third-generation networks and the fourth to be synchronized time Picking, For his part, the application also comes a powerful video editor works on the sections that have been photographed in which assemble, and here comes the role of the user to choose the best and the selection of filters and effects better, by the way on each phone will be video clips
also supports the ability to add pictures and videos, music video, also brings a range of different tires can be tapped in terms of aesthetic give the section, and finally supports the application currently Log in with your Facebook and later will support registration through other accounts, with the development team is currently version Android system and now you can download the application GroupClip free of charge and the entire by moving to his father on the shop store from here


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