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5 ways to keep your privacy while surfing the Internet

 5ways to keep your privacy while surfing the Internet

Some believe that the freedom of the Internet is granted to the extent that some people may forget that this same freedom may cause loss of privacy or perhaps worse than that, and with the Internet link close to daily life has become necessary to increase awareness of ways to protect yourself and your information while surfing the Internet

It is not enough never to trust online sites and browsers and Internet providers to do it for you, in fact you should stop trust them because the default privacy settings for these services lack the required security. For this we will put your hands in this article five of the ways in which you can use to keep your privacy on the Internet

1. Change your browser settings

Every Internet browser has a set of settings for the protection and privacy, so head to the browser settings, and then make the following changes to it: set up your browser so that avoids accept "cookies - Cookies" from sites not visited before.

Safe to accept cookies from sites you visit regularly, but you must have the option of refusing to so as to avoid falling into the danger of pressure on a bad link to the site is reliable, Secondly, it may activate prepare delete cookies once your browsing session ends or you close your browser window

There is also added as the HTTPS Everywhere to increase the degree of protection, which encrypts the connection between your computer and the server you are trying to contact him, thus preserving the privacy of your data as possible

 2.Change Social Settings

Facebook and Twitter and Anstjeram have all the privacy settings are periodically updated both on the desktop version or the version of mobile phones, and if you're like me did not consider the privacy settings since a year or more may be time to do so.

Went to the Department of privacy settings in social networks that you use and then select the amount of information that is shared with friends and strangers, and happened to coincide with the settings you want.

Settings Facebook may seem difficult to some, so always recommend that you use the option to 'surf's profile as a visitor' till you see the size of your information that is shared with strangers from non-friends

We also recommend looking at the privacy policy for each social network alone even be aware of what can social networks to share your data with third parties

3. The use of bilateral verification property

Bilateral verification may mean the difference between safe and prone data to penetrate fully, and you have this feature added to your principal and all the other services that provide this feature, At present this includes both Google and Microsoft and Facebook and Twitter and other social networks and digital services.

The use of bilateral verification may seem disturbing to rest but it raises the degree of protection of your data significantly, at least be aware of whether he is a breach of your account, God forbid.

If you were not in favor of the use of bilateral verification -balrgem of all its Void- you can use strong passwords and possibly also use a VPN to protect your IP and to prevent hackers from identifying your site.

4. Protect the program's inauguration

Spyware and malware threatening to protect the Internet dramatically and you do not have access to the Internet and you have only what type of protection from this software threats.

In this case we recommend the installation of the protection of a famous company on your computer and mobile devices is also a program, such as McAfee or Symantec or Kaspersky or other famous companies in this field

You should stop clicking on pop-up windows completely no matter how tempting to click on them, and away from non-reliable links, and any Internet site directs you somewhere against your will close it immediately, without hesitation, while downloading files make sure sources

5. update the system periodically

From personal experience, the system updates up often the worst time ever, and in most of these cases, I had to postpone updates for a day or more, but unfortunately this very wrong action

System updates-either on the computer or Jawal- comes with many advantages, and away from the improvements and increase the stability and performance of the system, also brings with it additional security protection and the closure of many of the gaps that are discovered

For example loophole Stagefright and accepted HeartBleed and other gaps that are discovered and the technology companies to update their systems to protect users rapidly.


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