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Facebook launches a new feature on the application of Facebook Messenger

A lot of international technology companies take advantage of the opportunity to holiday New Year's holiday in order to detect additions and new features to their sites and their application, the social networking site Facebook in turn, took advantage of the occasion by unveiling a new advantage in its application to chat and Facebook Instant Messenger.

It announced Facebook yesterday evening that a new feature for video became available on the application of Facebook Messenger, and comes to the advantage of video chats collective and therefore the talks would not remain confined between two people just as it is known, where it will be between 3 or 6 people can chat visually and audio on the application as can invite up to 50 people to participate in the conversation but only by text or pictures and posters.

It will be in front of wishing to take advantage of this new service, users need to download the latest update to Facebook Messenger application on each of the two platforms Android and iOS, and create a conversation from Mdmuah people who would like to talk with them and press the camera icon to launch the inductance group video group.



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