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New phone sim card with features awesome

Occupies today's social and immediate communication applications on more than 90% of Asthaddamtna for smartphones, and this is a natural thing, and that the highest applications downloaded in the Google Play Store and App Store, and others are for this type of application. In order to all this has been put forward the idea of the Sim card on site "indiegogo" social financing in order to use these applications are unlimited and for a nominal fee paid on an annual basis.

This card was named Bassim 360 "Sim 360" which is a card or phone chip enables users to receive and send an unlimited number of messages on the social networking known applications, Kalwats August, Facebook Messenger, Viber and others ..obsar of $ 10 per year.


This meager amount, of course, will not pay for nothing, but would benefit from several advantages to this card, including unlimited messages in instant communication applications from anywhere in the world, as you can receive calls free of charge from the same card, and will also benefit from free voice communication via Skype Viber, or the sense that he can anyone be calling you for free using these applications.

also remarkable in this card that can be linked to your phone number with previous new number and receive important calls through without using your old slide.

This can also contact anyone else who has the same card, compared to $ 0.19 for a minute. As for the preparation of the card on your phone, it is very easy to understand enough to be played by following the steps described in the same card tray.


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