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Video: iPhone7 is the fastest performer among versions distinctive 2016

Video: iPhone7 is the fastest performer among versions distinctive 2016

  2016came with many distinctive versions of smart phones,which differed in design and specifications, but it comes a distinctive experience for the user, and in the experience of this year's process to detect the distinctive versions faster performance in phone iPhone7

There is no doubt that the phone's performance has a great role in the assessment of distinctive versions speed, Honoring quick phone represents an important factor in the use of many applications, and although the iPhone 7 did not provide the best performance in the battery evaluate between versions this year, but the iPhone 7 proved to be a distinctive soon performance when conducting practical experience between versions this year distinctive

The comparison included versions this year of leading smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S7, and phone Google Pixel, and HTC 10, and Sony Xperia XZ, and LG G5

also included practical experience run the arena fast for 8 of applications, where tested each phone at the speed of downloading games, video editing, as well as download three-dimensional graphics files
The iPhone has been able 7 to achieve faster performance between smart phones that have been tested, also marked the best performance in a download and activate all applications, and then phone came Pixel from Google, to be followed by Galaxy phone S7 from Samsung, to continue Apple to launch a distinctive versions of phones iPhone support for the user


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